Research Department

This department aids Desert Dream Investments in delivering the best priced without compromising on quality, most flexible and innovative developments with the requirements for the modern age. The research carried out is what helps keep our investors and clients satisfied. They in turn show loyalty to us as they have full confidence in our projects.

The research department helps us when it comes to suppliers and contractors as they are able to gauge the market and the price of materials so when we go out to contractors and suppliers we have a good idea of what is happening with the market forces and we can negotiate the best rates for our projects, allowing us to deliver competitive prices.

The Research department also does a good job of keeping in touch with what other developers are doing in the market place and what locations and developments are in demand.

Development Department

The Development Department turns our dreams into reality. The personnel are highly qualified individuals with international experience as well as experience in the U.A.E

They work with international architects through to contractors to insure smooth running & on-time delivery of a project. To increase our efficiency, we have an in-house project management team.

Marketing Department

This department aids Desert Dream Investments in promoting the company and has grown in strength over the last few years.

The marketing department has come out with some of the biggest marketing campaigns in Dubai. The last most successful campaign being the celebration of our 5th year and launch of a new tower which was held at Mina al Salaam Ballroom and had appearances by Enrique Iglesias , Elissa, Raghav and Ian Wright(ex England and Arsenal Footballer) as the host. Guests Included John Barnes , Rob Mcaffrey(Showtime sports presenter), The Spanish ambassador to the UAE and many other VIP’s.

In 2008 in an innovative step the department signed a contract with Dubai taxis to advertise on over 90% of its fleet which was the first of its kind.

The marketing Department has also been responsible for the  many billboards seen around Dubai’s..
We have also been involved in flag promotions on the Mall of the Emirates bridge and have had major representation in  the mall itself.

The company also signed a major co- branding deal with Jumierah International for the Wild Wad Theme Park again the first of its kind.

The success of our campaigns and innovation shows our ability to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


The sales for Desert Dream Investments are mainly done via our sister company Desert Dream Real Estate. The experienced team covers Desert Dream Investments projects as well as other developer’s projects. The range of different nationalities within the team enables us to encompass the international and very cosmopolitan Dubai market.

The consultants offer sound financial advice tailor made to the customer’s requirements resulting in an excellent consultant client relationship.

Languages spoken are:-. Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, Swahili, Turkish, Georgian, Romanian & Tagalog. This enables this department to routinely take part in exhibitions in many different countries. The other added advantage is we can service our customers in many different languages efficiently.

Desert Dream Real estate has been established for over 3 years. The company is a very strong player in the real estate market, it has sold 100’s of millions of dirham’s worth of properties within the UAE.


The Benefits of choosing us are listed below

  • High level of commitment
  • Pride in delivery
  • Deliver on time
  • High quality teams
  • Working with renowned experts
  • Customer commitment
  • Knowledge of market