Our Capability

Divisions of our business:

  • Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Development Management

Established in 2002, Dream Investments has become a well known Developer in Dubai and has sister companies in the UK which have been established since the 1990’s.
Desert Dream Real estate was created by the success of Dream Investments which was established in 2003.

We have multiple projects underway in Dubai both individually as well as joint ventures. We believe that to succeed you have to work with the right people and to choose your partners.

We have well over 50 Staff . We are an international company with a proven track record of delivering and selling developments.

Additionally, we are continuously trying to expand our business to other countries in the Asia, The Middle East, Europe and America.

Our insight and expertise allows us to understand the different cultures, systems and materials, regulations and methods currently utilized in the construction industry throughout the world.

Dream Investments has expanded its operations in three key disciplines:

  • Research and feasibility study on new investment opportunities
  • Asset and Facilities Management
  • Development Management

All these areas are of equal importance to us.

The Investment opportunity group investigates the ideal projects for Desert Dream Investments and their clients, and reports the projects feasibility by conducting investigations, research and all other foundation work.

Suppliers and clients know they are working with a professional organization in a professional manner with highly qualified and dedicated people. This in turn makes everybody comfortable as expert advice is being offered all around.

Our previous experience has shown the best results are achieved when we work with other institutions and our clients with the view of forming a long term relationship and we also believe in a win-win situation for all parties concerned. Loyalty is achieved by consistency of quality, service, personnel, knowledge, communication and responsibility.

We believe a project is all about the people involved in its delivery with this in mind. We engage the appropriate parties to make it a success. We foster and encourage teamwork, mutual trust and respect. We offer a proactive, professional, ethical and innovative approach to the way we work. We believe and focus our energy in excelling in what we do and this means we do not take short cuts.